With this website the Department of Stewardship hopes to provide an electronic source of ideas, programs, resources and inspiration to encourage visitors (while helping congregations encourage members) to experience the joy of giving and embrace a lifestyle of generosity according to God's Word and Christ's example.


Remember that time, talent, and treasure
are starting places only, not the final goal.
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But first ... What is Christian Stewardship?

It is through missionary giving of time that we can follow the Great Commission and make the Christ known to those who know Him not. Explore the work of mission in our congregations, our diocese and the world.

The primary role of the church is to guide people in discernment of the mission for their lives and the use of their resources in accomplishing it.  Do you hear a call to be truer to your Christian beliefs?

How we use money says more about our value system than anything we say or do.

How we value it - hoard it and spend it - defines us.

Who are you becoming? Who do you want to be?

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